Give birth to obtain employment for the university " convoy "

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The reporter learned yesterday, shanghai hair changes appoint, city teachs appoint, bureau of town occurrences in human life was given out jointly recently " good about doing the announcement that graduate of Shanghai colleges and universities and obtain employment of graduate graduate student worked 2004 " . This city predicted to share college graduate 2004 100 thousand person, among them 48 thousand person of 15 thousand person of graduate student, undergraduate students, specialized subject (high post) lay 37 thousand person. Announcement requirement wants to place job of graduate obtain employment in prominent place about branch and college, plan meticulously, advance with all one's strength.

Encourage western, service of medium and small businesses and obtain employment

Announcement requirement, to attending " the undergraduate is volunteer service western plan " graduate, want to accomplish: Recommend attend city outstanding graduate to choose; Accord with certain condition, via the school approval can rise a graduate student continuously, and keep one's name on the books expires to its service etc. In the meantime, to the graduate that to this city exurb middle and primary school teachs, concerned area county should fulfil city to teach appoint of the regulation about urge measure.

Encourage and guide college graduate to arrive obtain employment of medium and small businesses. The medium and small businesses that local finance wants to reach certain amount to graduate of the college that recruit offers subsidy in respect of Training Within Industry, preferential offer discount of technical reformation loan.

Encourage do poineering work independently, flexible obtain employment

The announcement points out, every college graduate is engaged in directly individual manage, outside the trade that restricts except the country, the day that from approval of door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry its run rises one year inside, avoid hand in register kind with management kind sex of each administration career collects fees. Can be its to offer in existing channel at the same time do poineering work small loan and assure, enjoy unemployment of come off sentry duty staff is small loan assures fund, medium and small businesses assures fund.

Wait for the graduate of agile form obtain employment to working in order to be not full-time, flexibility, should pay in salary, the respect such as social insurance safeguards his legitimate rights and interests.

Activity of invite applications for a job of strict and normative obtain employment

The announcement points out, the activity of college graduate invite applications for a job that the society conducts must be in charge of a branch to approve via college graduate obtain employment, hold activity of invite applications for a job to must not be a purpose in order to seek profits. Information of false to releasing invite applications for a job, have the unit of choose and employ persons of deceit, fraudulent action, concerned branch should father add investigate.
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