Senior talented person communicates in well-known 2004 company (Changsha) negoti

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Senior talented person communicates in well-known 2004 company (Changsha) negotiate meeting

-- and look forward to of name of river short for Zhejiang Province goes to Hunan to enrol ability to bring wisdom supply and demand meets meeting

Invitation letter

Hunan since ancient times celebrity assemble, the talent comes forth in large numbers. Changsha is Hunan provincial capital, it is higher education of our country key and one of scientific research base, be a delegate have the throughout the country " 211 " engineering stress university, medium south the famous college such as university of university, national defence science and technology and place of scientific research courtyard, be in especially pharmacy of software of systematic project, information project, material project, computer, biology, machinery is made, building construction, car is made, the respect such as medium of electronic technology, culture, advanced agriculture has a batch of Gao Jian's talented person, the industry ranks domestic banner level.

To drive each province city district talent develops unifinication plan, develop each regional talent market adequately to configure medium fundamental action in talent of business management of enterprise, satisfy each enterprise to be opposite the ceaseless demand of all sorts of high quality talents, offer strong talent logistics to ensure. Market of talent of bureau of human affairs of Changsha lotus region, lotus, " Xiao Xiangchen signs up for " the company will be held on May 23, 2004 senior talented person communicates in well-known 2004 company (Changsha) negotiate meeting. Specially invite asks expensive unit to attend at the appointed time, congress accuses as follows about matters concerned case:

One, Negotiate meeting time, place, limits

Time: On May 23, 2004 (Sunday)

Place: Exposition of contemporary agriculture of China of red star · exhibits a center
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