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In make full use of foreign capital and introduce foreign advanced technique while, actively in a planned way has measure ground to introduce foreign talent, introduce especially now talent of overseas Chinese foreign citizen of Chinese origin, the socialistic modernization that is helpful for our country greatly. Before a few years, we did a few works in this respect, obtained certain result, but far insufficient still. Entire party must recognize the value of this problem deeply further, unite a thought, unite policy, stress this major issue at once grip is good.

One, the talent outside introducing a country is to accelerate the 4 strategic principles of our country that change construction

The 12 defined modernization of our country socialism greatly strategy goals of the party, the requirement arrives industry and agriculture of whole nation of this century end year total production value breaks up two times. Revitalize economy to wear, achieve this one grand goal, must value knowledge, value a handsome appearance, support science and technology progresses. Compare with photograph of economic developed country, the level of science and technology of our country and management level are very at present backward still, knowledge and experience are insufficient, the talent is lacked. If this kind of state is not changed, 4 modernization are an empty talk. Intelligence is vivid intellectual force, equipment of its great effect far from, book, data, blueprint can be replaced.

Current, the task of a no time to delay that we face is to develop home adequately to have the talent's effect, strengthen intellective development, develop a person with ability energetically, want to enlarge horizon at the same time, ground of leave no stone unturned abroad and OK the intellective resource that use draws our country 4 in changing construction, come. Regard this thing as only common policy will treat already very insufficient, must regard it as an important strategic principle, unremitting ground is carried out for a long time carry out go down.

The practice that introduces foreign talent is international is latter-day use generally, it is stimulative homeland science and technology, economy and the significant step that the society develops. Russia is in 1932 only heavy industry branch invites foreign expert more than 6800 people. The United States that economy and technology developed, arrive from 1952 during 1975, introduce all sorts of talents to amount to two people. Even of economic developed country is such, we should shorten with the difference between them, should value this thing more. Current economic developed country, existing to us in respect of science and technology huge advantage, this is us must approbatory reality. The construction that invites expert of foreign citizen of Chinese origin of a batch of overseas Chinese and foreign expert to enter our country works, will shorten greatly we fumble in a lot of respects ongoing time. Introduce talent and introduce a technology to develop simultaneously at the same time, be united in wedlock each other, still will very conduce to we are digested and absorb abroad's advanced science and technology and administrative experience, can spend money less, handle affairs more, quicken a country to build the development of the career. The modernization of our country gets the attention of people of world each country and support, foreign citizen of Chinese origin of a lot of overseas Chinese and the construction that a few foreign country experts are willing to be our country contribute force, this is very advantageous international condition. The comrade that should teach us realises adequately, the footing that revitalizes economy should rely on to develop the intelligence of our nation, the effect that produces domestic brainpower adequately together is not contradictory, contrarily will be helpful for updating the knowledge of our country brainpower greatly, accelerate the level that raises oneself.
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