The State Council about promoting brainpower the announcement of reasonable flow

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The State Council was released 1983 " about brainpower a certain number of regulations of reasonable flow " (the country sends 〔 1983 〕 111 article) since, each district did a large number of works, created a lot of driving brainpower is reasonable new experience of flow. Begin the talented person that rise stage by stage reasonable flow, to the transmission of new technology, the development of urban and rural economy, the science, prosperity that teachs a career, had positive effect. But, ever also had produced a few problems in certain zone and unit, need is solved and dredge. As a whole, brainpower flow job just starts, current and main problem, remain brainpower to flow hard, keep long in stock, waste and use undeserved phenomenon to had not gotten essential settlement.

According to the spirit that system of economy, science and technology, education reforms, combine the working practice that come a few years, need reforms brainpower management system stage by stage, stimulative brainpower is reasonable flow, in order to fill minute of effect that produces brainpower, for 4 change construction service. Make following announcements with respect to concerned problem now:

One, the place is various departmental door should strengthen people government and the State Council the leader that reasonable to brainpower flow works, create a person to use up its hard the environment of ability, disentomb energetically skilled personnel resource, continue to adjust be mixed to use undeserved brainpower by keep long in stock, waste, encourage brainpower to flow to the industry that is badly in need of a talent and unit, flow to the station that can produce effect more. Be in preferential below the premise that makes sure national emphasis builds talent of project and project of great scientific research to need, encourage brainpower to produce front line to industry and agriculture, assist medium and small businesses and urban and rural cooperative, enhance enterprise technical reformation and technical development ability. Encourage and support brainpower to reach a village from the city, arrive from big city in small town, work from inland to outlying area.
Branch of various human affairs and brainpower management department should the concerned policy according to the country, code, cogent do good organization is coordinated and supervise the work. Allocate through the organization, the means such as invite applications for a job, appoint to a position, dredge channel, adjust talent surplus and deficiency, those who improve brainpower distributing and structure.
Each district should develop brainpower communication actively to serve a cause. Orgnaization of talent communication service and orgnaization of service of communication of science and technology should provide information of talent supply and demand actively to the society, between both sides of supply and demand pull wires builds the bridge, promote each industry, each business the talented person is reasonable between the institution flow.
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