A Japan " sale goddess " struggle history

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In group of global birthday risk, when speaking of birthday danger selling grade, people often says " there is class · Fei Dewen on the west, there is bavin Tian Hezi east " , this is the greatest praise of pair of my achievement, also contended for for our Oriental at a heat. The birthday risk business of western country is begun earlier, birthday danger sells achievement and skill to also compare maturity. Enter in me " 1 million round table (namely MilionDollarRoundTable, abbreviation MDRT) " before, japan returns neither one the person is achieved " initiate " requirement. 1988, because I am obtained 9 years continuously

Get the 3 coronals king of be on sale of Japanese birthday danger, and flourish ascends this year to publish " encyclopedia of record of auspicious Nisi world " . In 1989

  Successful path

Promoting is a kind of trade that learns to be met, it does not need how many professional knowledge, but it is clever person industry, only support is insufficient with one's shoulder to collar. In the book that popular now narration promotes successful experience, promote insurance to be written exert one's utmost effort, reduce dignity even, do a servent to others, with period move others. But, will tell to me, my a bit does not have similar experience. In fact, in the truly successful person in promoting a domain, should have not sufferred how many setback to just be opposite.

I am entered in March 1970 " lifetime life " new constellation pays a company, at that time already 31 years old. My husband is labour firewood estate, the child that there are two to have 1 year old to mix more than 2 years old only in the home. Everybody says I am now " Japan the first, the world the first " queen of be on sale, actually, I enter insurance is drag sb into the mire be cheatinged however.

   Suffer cheat enter the water

Before I enter insurance, I had not thought of to want to regard my profession as insurance at all. Be told relatively at other profession, the insurance at that time is regarded as all the time widow, worthless person the job with the person that do not have a strong point, I do not have the good impression of a bit to this job, besides, before unripe child, I am done very outstandingly still in other company. One day, my cousin is taking her in " lifetime life " the friend that holds the position of a clerk is excellent in play. Originally that clerk is the member that should persuade my cousin to hold the position of insurance Wu, and my cousin also is really promote ace, she promotes the achievement of cosmetic at that time, in the whole nation also be to be able to include before a few. However inopportune is, she has registered the pluralistic personnel that is other insurance company at that time, the target of result hook in turned to my body to come up. Then, guide in cousin below, they with " play " fascia comes my initiate persuades in the home.
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