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Abroad talent connotation is rich

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Report from our correspondent is abroad the talent's connotation is to study abroad not just personnel. Mao Dali of deputy director general of bureau of town occurrences in human life was in a few days ago Hua Yuan, on cure " talent of the abroad special performance that make gift meets meeting " when accepting a reporter to interview, express, the talent outside welcoming of all kinds sea develops to Shanghai, realize oneself value.

Mao Dali says, people stays in commonly to the understanding of abroad talent study abroad personnel this one level, actually abroad talent still should include the talented person of the talent outside the condition and other citizenship. Abroad talent has good abroad to teach setting, familiar international to run regulation, to Shanghai economy society development has active sense. This city near future will be attracted study abroad personnel regards the job as the key, long-term consideration is shift the emphasis the talent outside attracting of all kinds sea. This year June " Shanghai living card " during releasing 2 years, shanghai will be rolled out a series of policy, perfect living card (B card) include the function such as medical treatment insurance, society insurance, the talent outside attracting more seas with this comes to Shanghai to do poineering work, development.

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