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About accelerating the talent education, opinion that introduce and flows

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To get used to the need that socialist market economy admits, raise the talent consciousness of whole society, the education of stimulative talent, introduce and reasonable flow, basis " 14 big " spirit, combinative our city is virtual, offer following opinions especially:

One, accelerate a talent to foster, update the knowledge of existing talent

1 , do well education of continuity of professional technology personnel. Center of communication of unit of unit of college of each enterprise, universities and colleges, adult, scientific research, learned society, association, society education and various talent should make full use of existence condition, hold with a variety of forms of all kinds and short-term technology grooms and teach by correspondence class of big, technical secondary school. Branch of various organization, human affairs should make a talent groom program, ground of batch of in a planned way, cent is chosen send personnel of of all kinds and professional technology and administrator to groom into institution of higher learing.

2, urge self-study become a useful person. On-the-job or not on-the-job " 5 big " outside be born for a whole life and planning, graduate of old technical secondary school reachs the staff that acquires diploma of record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning through teaching oneself an exam, its individual archives stocks talent library. Every urban district will pass human affairs branch to work to social move about the unit henceforth, the person that the requirement is had in library of talent of first take sb on the staff. Employ hind enjoys treatment of graduate of old technical secondary school of the same educational level.

3, expand go abroad groom channel. Strive for actively do through special zone of the State Council, intelligence of human affairs ministry, country is introduced do wait for national channel, expand at one's own expenses channel of folk of orgnaization of public school channel and overseas Chinese, business affairs, anthology send professional technology personnel and administrator study going abroad, groom and make an on-the-spot investigation.

4, build a talent to groom fund. Much channel plans market fund, special the education that is used at the talent. File of municipal Party committee of lukewarm state of the Communist Party of China

2, offer favourable condition, introduce in short supply and be badly in need of a talent

The 1 , boy or girl friend that introduces a talent:

(1 ) what project of project of construction of our city major project, stress scientific research, big, medium-sized company is badly in need of is medium personnel of advanced and professional technology;

(2) the qualified personnel of in short supply and professional technology that of all kinds look forward to, institution is badly in need of;

(3) the country teachs appoint, national ministries and commissions, province belongs to school engineering courses, finance and economics, foreign trade kind the college undergraduate students that major is badly in need of in reaching our city economy to build and graduate student;
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