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A certain number of regulations that dragon spring city is introduced about urgi

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To introduce talent and foreign intelligence energetically, accelerate executive science and education to begin city strategy, to advance science and technology innovation provides strong person with ability, intellective support, introduce to our city talent especially and intelligence introduces the job to make following provisions:

One, admit need according to society of our city economy, the talent of of all kinds and professional technique that introduces each enterprise to be badly in need of having title of technology of record of formal schooling of above of university undergraduate course, deputy advanced above in short supplily mainly and administrative person with ability, specific include: Know technical kind of management compound model senior talented person; Have patent invention or the talented person that have a technology only and belong to provincial and advanced level; Other the talented person that has special talent or significant contribution.

2, encourage of all kinds talent to attend our city modernization with all sorts of means. Introduce a talent to be able to be adopted bring into play, apply for, part-time job, seek advice, discourse on an academic subject, scientific research and technical collaboration, technology becomes a shareholder, the form such as investment initiate enterprise comes our city long-term job or short-term service.

3, introduce a talent via what approval of department of human affairs labor transfers into, its spouse, minor children can follow move along with tone; Its spouse and minor children are rural number of households and total population, allow is dealt with farming turn blame; The children that follow move wants start going to a nursery, enter a school, teach by city appoint nearby is fulfilled, avoid receive a government to set any fee beyond.

4, of all kinds to what introduce talent, oneself do not wish will door of food concern ingoing, can turn human affairs archives, the talent communication center that belongs to by place of branch of town occurrences in human life governs on somebody's behalf; The work that door of the Ministry of Public Security opens by talent communication center recommends a watch to give add of stop of conduction of short duration, avoid close shack cost; Take patent, project to come the our city is gotten do, establish enterprise, obtain better economic benefits, contribution is larger introduce a talent, oneself are rural number of households and total population, give deal with farming turn blame formalities.

5, in short supply to the our city imperative talent and talent of high administrative levels, its adopt abdication or the means that leave its post automatically to come to what the our city works, admit its are original the identity, record of formal schooling, length of service and professional technical position, by town occurrences in human life labor bureau talent communicates a center to establish human affairs record afresh, solid pedestrian thing acts as agent, inspect transfer into formally together, fill for its to social insurance device by unit of choose and employ persons do endowment insurance procedure, pay endowment insurance is expended, the capture that admits primary endowment insurance expends fixed number of year.

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