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Major of invite applications for a job: Labour civilian is built Be versed in oppose resembles: Full-time month Firewood: 3000-5000 yuan requirement sexual distinction: Male age asks: 30- - requirement of 45 years old of record of formal schooling: Area of undergraduate course work: Experience of work of Gansu Province Lanzhou: Do not be restricted requirement of registered permanent residence: Do not be restricted Issue date: 2008-10-14 15:09:02 period of validity: 360 days of specific requirements and pay:
Requirement: Have construction of project of old and large project to manage experience, master building code adroitly, quality of can effective executive project, technology, plan is controlled, the organization coordinates ability strong.

Contact: Li Huo why
Contact an address: Zhang Yelu of area of the area just outside a city gate 87 in broad mansion office building 28 buildings phone: 0931-8464000   zip code: 730000
E-mail   : Tzzglirong@sina.com

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