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Major of invite applications for a job: Do not be restricted Be versed in oppose resembles: Full-time month Firewood: The face views requirement sex: Male age asks: 18- - requirement of 30 years old of record of formal schooling: Do not be restricted to work area: Experience of work of Gansu Province Lanzhou: Do not be restricted requirement of registered permanent residence: Do not be restricted Issue date: 2008-10-14 9:25:48 period of validity: 30 days of specific requirements and pay:
Requirement: Job announcement
Our company are collaboration of the home and one bank, it is only enterprise or business the company that the unit provides welfare to act as agent serves a company, register fund 5 million yuan. Because business needs,show, face a society a large number of invite applications for a job are the following talent.
1, office article secret two, responsible corporation file processing, planar design and website are safeguarded. Liberal art of above of requirement university specialized subject is relevant and professional, skilled OA and composing software, know network knowledge.
2, finance affairs is in charge of, responsible company financial flow is supervised reach carry to do. The requirement has from job seniority, the person that have bank work experience is preferential.
3, accountant two, be in charge of business of company close an account. The requirement has from job seniority.
4, sale is advisory 30, responsible company business is extended and the client is safeguarded. Had been engaged in safe, wine kind the sale, person that have client resource is preferential.
Once above personnel is recruited, treatment is favorable.
Firm address: Multi-purpose building 9F of company of Nanchang road movie (fragrant grass garden, gold on Zhang Yebin house) Phone: 8860483

Contact: Liu Hengchang
Contact an address: Road of Lanzhou city Nanchang 1852 phones: 0931-8860483   zip code: 730000
E-mail   : 517713375@qq.com

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