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Story of graduate to apply for a job: My mistake estimated the level of choose a

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Introduce myself above all: One average wealth will be professional 04 graduate, CET6, go up in achievement, through 4 ACCA course (English find oneself returns pretty good) .

Journey of to apply for a job: + of a few state-owend enterprises, civilian look forward to a few foreign enterprises

Temporary result: 0 Offer

I do not know how to tell about the experience that I apply for a job since this year, because a few this is short,the message that lunar time brings to me is too much really, so that I have to use time slowly,will digest and think. Somebody likes summary to say very much, the success is ceaseless failure, self-criticism, attain a result in ceaseless move back and forth next, and to me, after the interview that passes for many times fails however a bit loses sight of successful dawn, very some " very close to each other " flavour...

Honest word attracted me

The very good still in December weather of Guangdong, put on thin thin I of a shirt am in a sunshine is beautiful entered center of guidance of student obtain employment afternoon, because one is in what Hong Kong appears on the market afternoon, the state-owend enterprise that pursues boat Wu, content shedding comes to our school enrol an accountant.

After director of human affairs of that state-owend enterprise introduced company condition simply, very the pay etc circumstance that ground of deal with concrete matters relating to work talked about this post. He says: "We have a lot of branches in Guangdong, welfare may have bit of difference, but to the undergraduate students, our group has assure novitiate 2000 yuan, the 2500 yuan lowest line after becoming a full member, work next 2-3 year can move the head office work that goes to Hong Kong normally. Work next 2-3 year can move the head office work that goes to Hong Kong normally..

I was attracted by these a few very honest words at that time, originally I am to want to come add trouble to is informal sound sound district, resume also prepared a the simplest only just, my demur did not say to be cast after the word that heard him. Odd from pay for, I feel this price is already good, have the milk of human kindness very much normally because of the state-owend enterprise, the price that he says won't be very high, calculate however on other material benefits, where should not differ. Actually most those who attract me is the opportunity that can go to Hong Kong working (ask through me later, this kind of human affairs brings the characteristic that is this group into play, and it is historicity) .

Estimated a state-owend enterprise by accident

Passed two days, I am gone to by the announcement interview. What go attending interview that afternoon is the classmate that we fasten, and it is male fellow student (here has a word outside the problem, then individual victim canal calls us to take the schoolgirl's resume, ask us to retreat them, because this they want to provoke a man student only, but the likelihood does not think him enterprise is cheated again the bad name that sexual distinction discriminates against, actually this can see this company or have the milk of human kindness and courtesy quite, the company with other unlike, accost is not hit end up with nothing definite) .
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