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Resume how more the eyeball that deprive a person

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Zhang Jiujun is in the business affairs assistant that Chongqing is some state-owend enterprise, have rich working experience. Because value Guangzhou's inviting development perspective, disregard family and friend object, he joined the cavalcade that find new job to come to Guangzhou. Think oneself can find proper job very quickly originally, but he is in gave out nearly 30 resume after disappear forever, he begins to suspect the capacity that has his came. But under, he found professional adviser, letting what he finds both funny and annoying is, professional adviser says the problem goes to go up in resume. Zhang Jiujun begins to still do not believe, have working experience of 5 years, is resume written do not come? However, the problem goes to go up in resume, do not believe the resume that sees him please.

Such writing of Zhang Jiujun's resume: It is individual data at the beginning; Oneself growing experience is later, include the educational state that elementary school reachs an university, computer mount guard grooms of local policy code groom; It is again from the back fold multifarious certificate photocopy greatly, have 78 pages in all, resume text has fully two pages. There is no lack of among them the empty affix of load one's writing with fancy phrases, be like " dependable and modest and hard-working, academic, sedate, be brave in enterprising " etc.

After professional adviser looked his resume, those who give out commenting on is: Whole resume looked to let a person not know what is said, the feeling of the person that give invite applications for a job is devoid experience, not quite professional. Because be in the society with a such professional very fine now division of labor, resume must concise and the characteristic that should highlight oneself. Cannot write oneself into a balm for treating headaches, important is to should know what working place needs to his what skill is a target.

Stress a focal point, such moving invite applications for a job person.

1. writes the professional cause that gives his

Probably the position that somebody thought to your be recruited has indicated clearly on letter of to apply for a job, not necessary the professional target that writes oneself again. Thing actually otherwise, the individual that what exercise enterprise values is employee develops the consistency of target and business development target. The goal is only consistent, bilateral ability is met joint efforts, the meeting in managing reduces needless trouble. If write your professional target clear, invite applications for a job person be clear at a glance, can have fun at to you. Contrary, the end that sees both sides abhorrent or applicant did not make clear, resume can be thrown probably at the same time. The example below can show this issue very much.

Exemple 1: Target of to apply for a job is manpower resource management have responsibility and abound the position that challenges a gender, have development space, can disentomb my potential, make significant contribution to achieve the goal of the company.
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