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Not small talk abandons

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After the university graduates, I take an examination of to surpass large company with outstanding achievement. That paragraph of day that just reached a company, the workshop that is in as a result of me just held water, machine facility is not complete still, often work dry stop. As the addition of equipment, the grow in quantity of order, we begin to work overtime often.

The boss has a reliable agent -- , Director Wang, he resembles staring at extremely same ground to staring at us all the day, not be example this, want to deduct that pay namely. , director Wang leaves to the side of me, eccentric ground says: "I saw your record, be in the school is a student cadre, and parents works in the government, why to still come out to work? " I say: "I want to exercise my. " after he listens to me to say, do not have ground of good energy of life hum went.

Next day, it is intended that he resembles be impassable with me, the thorn that always carries me innocently of purpose, still say: "Always be not being written down is student cadre, you now is work to others. " countless evil language is acid, I am borne silently fell.

After a few months, employer plan should be chosen from us a few group leaders, the person that single out is to be mixed at ordinary times the colleague of Director Wang be on terms of intimacy. This is too inequitable! I begin the world of white-collar of yearning office building.

A day, my encouraged presents resume and the article that publish on media before to the boss, I say I believe I can be done weller. The boss looks at my article and resume with the eye of appreciation, explain the day gives me answer. The following day, the boss says to me: "Director Wang says, you ability is 22 years old, take exercise more on product line even take exercise, there will be development greatly henceforth... " I lost heart, want to let parents help even apply for a job. Final, I still am held out.

After a few days, suddenly a transfer order, I am moved to the job in the office building of heaven be regardinged as. At this moment, I just remember I ever attended the exam of assistant of business department invite applications for a job last month, did not think of me unexpectedly the achievement with the first is selected.

I thank the life of that paragraph of product line very much, it let me learn to insist to mix enduring, let me know in most not small talk quits the time of pinch.

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