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How to become " office star "

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Why a few people with similar qualifications and record of service, some people are met by appoint with important task, obtain raise salary substantially, get promotion quickly, and some people although year in year out is busy, are its pay and post in always however place footfall? In fact, former that effort that medium major person does not see so that be in the office adjoining than sitting.

The United States Carnegie professor of graduate student of business management of university of one plum grand, management is advisory · of F of Rob spy · triumphant benefit thinks, those people can show itself the NO in making the office. 1, the key depends on them treating working strategy and state of mind.

Alleged " the office stars " it is a batch of small such people: They can do the work weller below any conditions, make others inferior by comparison. They should compare other person to be gotten more to the contribution of company profit much, it is because of what this often is weighed " 10 change one " , one when means says they are medium is touched on 10 average employees. In most company or group, the scale of star occupies 15 % ~ roughly 20 % .

Triumphant benefit ever was opposite · of F of Rob spy · to hundreds star and behave commonplace employee to have test, content involves manner of intelligence quotient, individual character, work and social skill. People thinks to be able to discover a few discrepancy for certain from which originally, make clear however as a result however both in differences of these respect it doesn't matter.

What is the element that brings up star? In the final analysis is they treat the strategy that with processing its work. Among them a main strategy is initiative: Discover those have not assign the job that go down, the computer software that gives a company for instance upgrades; These jobs are very main but not was in charge of clearly by who again. Star goes qualitative person says boldly right now: "I come also. " and commonplace employee often works only actively some with the job the thing of not big be concerned with.

Another star strategy is extensive contact, the knowledge that that is to say wants to make clear his to need in the place in the job, establish reliable connection with connoisseur old hand, each supplies what the other needs, star people can choose accurate target mostly, get correct solution very quickly, when commonplace employee seeks information criterion often come to the wrong shop, such they delayed longer time not only, took roundabout way, and final likelihood work fruitlessly. Should become office star to other what strategy still have? Want to strengthen ego management above all, consider what is truly main job seriously, not be the monadlist item-by-item that presses draw up mechanically goes doing. Office star is thinking all the time: How can I just make I live more valuably? What experience and skill do I need truly? They know very well this is this responsibility, is not the responsibility of the company.
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