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Be fried the most easily 5 kinds of people of the squid

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Great majority boss likes such employee: Comply with direct but not be obsequious, abide by discipline but the definite idea that has oneself and thought, faithful simple minded but not be mechanical and addlehead, technical ability is outstanding but not arrogant and proud. But if you have below these defect, that can be gotten careful your rice bowl ─ ─

oneself the boss is to be good at organizing each able person in his subordinate controller over park boss, but he does not see is the ace on business. If you go up to have ability than the boss really in business,also fasten self-reliant ability tall, gesticulate to the boss, think the company left you to played not to turn. In that way word, the boss tries with respect to have to, look to be no good all right after all without you.

Work efficiency is too low although you are in all the day busy and not momently cease, still must work overtime sometimes, give a person a kind of conscientious impression, but work efficiency is too low, others uses 3 hours able the work that be over you used 6 hours however, that is same job actually you should expend the resource of one times more than others. Boss nature can think: Why don't I employ a flower are 6 hours able the person that gives ability of 12 your hours to complete work?

Lack the spirit that respect property to do not have active and active manner on the job, always feel this is working to the boss, pass one day to calculate a day, the boss is present do make appearance, the boss is not present lazy scamping, do not make toward one place with employer interest, do not be the interest consider of the company, did not regard the company as oneself home, the job outside bisect also does not agree at many o'clock to work. Such, the boss won't think of you naturally when promoting employee, and often meet when the company cuts down the member of persons employed most cut you into parts first.

The management state of footy company always is in the position to change ceaselessly, if your job is OK,be replaced by others and you are not thought of again change, final your meeting can become a footy person in the company. Since you do not have you same, and the 2 mother's brother that you are not a boss or 3 aunts, he should leave you to send a money more by what.

Cannot acclimatization if you are handled in environment of a work bad with all round between the colleague, between fluctuation class, state-private between, one's duty especially the relation between, experience lesson also cannot be communicated with others communication, you can become as antipathetic as the environment. Unless be grasped in your hand,have the trump card that allows a boss to have to leave you, otherwise you are not far from the day of pack up and quit.

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