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Character of a n experienced person: What preparation has the beard before inter

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Interview a few minutes, backside laborious hard work " . Before interview, what preparation should have made? "Face bully " people pass classics -- accomplish preparative kongfu! Take an examination of an official to be taught -- the bosom friend tells the other, 100 battle do not danger!

Be familiar with resume know fairly well

Generally speaking, the meeting that take an examination of an official is when interview with respect to to apply for a job person resume quizs, can careful inquiry is returned if if the other side is right,some paragraph of your experience is interested. But the person that have a few to apply for a job returns palter when the personal details that talks about his, forget some it is constant some thing. "Face bully " people remind, "Before interview, you yourself must are opposite certainly each content of full share resume know sth like the palm of one's hand, if doing not know for certain, take an examination of an official to ask probable you are confused hands or feet " .

Nevertheless, the person that have a few to apply for a job because personal details is a course elaborate " pack " contain a large number of " moisture " , when be turn for interview, write down even oneself sometimes not clear after all " working experience " be how " arrange combination " , one go into battle rapid " give the show away " , not battle is defeated oneself. Of course, the enterprise also can emphasize the authenticity that inspects personal details when choose talent nowadays.

Deliver of graduate general meeting gives a lot of resume, forget to avoid and promiscuous, can prepare record of a small notebook to fall already the circumstance of deliver resume unit, minute book of to apply for a job is leafed through again before interview, confirm the procedure that oneself ever contacted with unit of this invite applications for a job.

Should " detain is inscribed " not " cover a region "

"Introduce yourself simply please. " " why do you feel you suit this job? What technical ability is there or does disposition characteristic enough explain you can be competent this post? " " you does to us the circumstance of this group course of study have much more intimate knowledge? " ... " face bully " people express, no matter you arrive which unit interview, "Surely examination questions " always very much the same, "Some titles can be guessed first, such precondition often can be sure of success " .

A media becomes Chen Yin now reporter, his memory says, entered the examinee that a lot of types witnessed when group interview the 2nd round last year, "Some word cannot say get through hastily a few sentences, a powerful and unconstrained style is without some criterion key " , he is summed up so pass the experience that show itself in that later, "Conversation wants systimatic, explain logic, the course of the answer should know before the mouth, cannot think of what says. Cannot think of what says..

What need points out is, prepare to be amounted to for the sake of fluenter the earth's surface, answer a question satisfactorily thereby, be not elaborate design definitely however, out of thin air. Read before a little graduate interview a lot of so called " interview secret Ji " , according to above the answer of the design is become " cover a region " , such not only curt, once be discovered,be more " steal chicken to won't do turn over corrode rice " .
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