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The information that should simplify in resume

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It is OK that the address supplies an address in resume, offer two addresses to be able to make invite applications for a job person the in a dilemma when choosing letter or phone address.

The age if you cannot provide age information in resume certainly advantageous, should not allude in resume so the age.

The message of invite applications for a job that carries in all sorts of media can have certain age to restrict normally, come 35 years old from 30 years old for example. If you are 38 years old, what you should do is to promote individual ability, the person that invite applications for a job lets in interview feels age level is not the most fundamental consideration condition.

In unemployment rate higher period of time, the to apply for a job with a few more largish age person general not should the prominent place of resume of age information park will other important information are put at the back.

The age or birthday if it is very important that you think to provide age information in resume, should write only so on " 25 years old " OK. Do not provide the information of birthday or birthplace respect.

Birthplace and in front same, if the content of this respect can be invite applications for a job person provide interesting information, ability should be offerred.

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