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Resume of to apply for a job: Bright the strong point that gives you comes

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In process of to apply for a job, a lot of college graduate are those who add to apply for a job " weight used on a balance " , to resume material always should spend a lot of time and energy to be made meticulously. Color pressworks, the colorful cover, photo that exposes approximately is illuminated wait for embark upon a political venture, the charge that make also is climbed again and again litre. However, to unit of choose and employ persons, more or less can these cause them to pay close attention to again?

The invite applications for a job of a talent that held a few days ago in Xinjiang is met on, the reporter interviewed the controller of unit of a few choose and employ persons technically at this point. About resume of to apply for a job, a controller of the company special tell a reporter explicitly, not necessary do too colorfully, let a person feel gewgaw instead in that way. A manpower resource director of some company says to the reporter, what she pays close attention to is the specific content of resume of to apply for a job, do not take a fancy to a form -- the truth is very simple, because of company invite applications for a job is the talented person that runs a side, not be to choose the United States, accordingly, nature of the person that offer the to apply for a job that photo takes is eliminated outer.

Accept the delegate of invite applications for a job of unit of choose and employ persons that interview to be in support negative attitude to colorful resume while, to undergraduate to apply for a job person " specialty " expressed strong interest. Speak bluntly of a controller of some company, the undergraduate that has strong point falls in coequal condition, the possibility that is recruited wants a lot of taller. However, a lot of college graduate are in resume of to apply for a job " specialty " in one column, often fill in only " be good at dancing " , " meeting musical instrument " , " can paint a picture " , " intercourse of be apt to " , etc, blur quite and general, did not explain after all " special " where. This makes unit of choose and employ persons very difficult make accurate judgement, generate suspicion easily also.

Concerned personage points out, undergraduate to apply for a job person filling in when oneself specialty, must detailed. For instance, to apply for a job person say him meeting musical instrument, it is clear to should be written it is what musical instrument, than can performing Sakesi so, still can play piano or flute; Say oneself are good at writing, should mentioning expressly is to be good at writing press release, still be good at writing investigation report, or both is good at, etc, published serious work also had better list.

In interviewing, the assistant manager of manpower resource department of a Chinese-foreign joint venture told a real story to the reporter, the reporter thinks to have very much to graduate inspire a meaning.

This story is to say, on the celebration of enter a school of American Yale, the president wants every year to all teachers and students special introduction a new student. Last year, be rolled out ceremoniously by the president, it is a female classmate that professes to be able to make pie. In so much student, why only is this female classmate so lucky? Original, in the Yale, annual new student of enter a school should fill in oneself specialty, and be in in those days in the student, what other new life fills in is such as motion, music, brushwork, only this schoolgirl is with be good at making pie " sell a site " , the result shows itself.
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