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What does unit of choose and employ persons value most

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The author is engaged in HR management old, deep experience arrives, regard choose and employ persons as the unit, what value generally is applicant is the following 3 respects quality:

One, the capacity that whether has;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to job. This is a the mainest demand, also be a the mainest demand. So unit of choose and employ persons can use the means such as the probation that examines record of formal schooling of resume, examine and verify, written examination, interview to give period of time even, come the capacity that whether the observation, person that assess invite applications for a job has competency to work truly.

2, whether to have group efforts mind. Unit of choose and employ persons hopes applicant has good group efforts mind, agree with the company culture of this unit and value concept, hope applicant breadth of mind is broad, not narrow and selfish, do not haggle over every ounce, can mix the colleague all round is friendly get along, everybody make concerted effort, had done the work together.

3, whether to set his mind at to work. Unit of any choose and employ persons, feel disgusted very much the undergraduate that applicant just graduated especially becomes the unit " gangplank " , never be satisfied where one is, body is in in Cao battalion heart Chinese. The job does not have a few days, wanting to want to take an examination of with respect to all day long grind or " find new job " . Such to apply for a job person, although capability is again strong, also be not to suffer gay of unit of choose and employ persons.

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