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Apply for: Lion mouth has why cannot

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"My salary requirement is yearly salary 80 thousand yuan. " 27 years old of right-and-left girls are in Hangzhou on the west child abstruse this when sitting down before the stage of invite applications for a job of elevator limited company, give as resume went up so a word. There is inspiratory reputation on the side, have eristic reputation, but the eye of officials of invite applications for a job was to shine immediately however, after an interview, on resume by made a five-pointed star stealthily.

This brief one act, happen in the invite applications for a job of foreign enterprise talent that goes up to save talent market Saturday to be able to go up. The Hangzhou that combines one of subsidiary that technical company is in China as the United States on the west child abstruse this elevator limited company, in this invite applications for a job the can most conspicuous position is set issued 4 to exhibit, of talent demand can see one spot. Because the likelihood is firm interview so a satisfactory to apply for a job person, mood of official of invite applications for a job is very good, talk the way of the servant that had company of United States endowment incidentally. Reach beauty endowment industry the talents of to apply for a job, big OK and candid ground speaks his requirement, this can say is the standard of a detail that beautiful look forward to picks a talented person: Speak you to want, good is taller, explain ability has been jumped over.

Official of invite applications for a job says: "We are not afraid that the mouth wants high price, be afraid that ability is poor, ask a price is low. " dare say a thousand or slightly less of him expectation pay only, do not accord with for certain abstruse this condition of invite applications for a job, such average talented person can be found everywhere, foreign capital enterprise gives have high pay, what they need is to believe he deserve to go up the outstanding talent of high pay. Resemble in front that young girl of respecting, she signs up for a 80 thousand yuan number do not do not have capital, she has the experience that in Shanghai 500 strong companies of a world work, no matter be the expression of standard of English, computer or individual,ability, reaction ability is belonged to on anthology, it is good that such talent wants a costly that's all right to oneself those who make official of invite applications for a job amazed, still rose on impressional cent instead a few.

Official of invite applications for a job is laughing to say, the individual ability of the person that the foreign enterprise often values to apply for a job more, mind is quick the most important, disposition or a few otherer the requirement of main area is done not have instead so outstanding.

Same nevertheless the subsidiary of the different city with a subordinate parent company, the requirement to talent style is endless also and identical. Than as above sea abstruse this American culture atmosphere wants dense with respect to what compare Hangzhou a few, over, the likelihood needs behavior of a few thoughts to slant the talent of beautiful type style, and Hangzhou abstruse this do not have special requirement in this respect, the talent of native land characteristic can have satisfied need. "It is brain only must agile. " official of invite applications for a job is smiling to reiterate again and again.

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