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Different ground to apply for a job person: HR says to you

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Respecting to apply for a job, natural meeting associates to HR people, arrive from invite applications for a job in the whole process of employ, they had crucial effect. Face main force of vast and mighty different ground to apply for a job nowadays, is the enterprise how of look upon? Might as well the idea that will listen to them.

Capable it is the largest dominant position

If say this locality registered permanent residence is the first level that chooses gift in former days, nowadays can be to produce tremendous change really, of record of formal schooling, experience, skill measure more of the person that gave different ground to apply for a job to build as a whole result the opportunity that establishs line of business, unit of choose and employ persons is natural also and willing of of all kinds talent join in in the round, it is the oriented standard that choose gift to be being built slowly inside whole society limits with ability. "What the enterprise values in process of invite applications for a job still is an individual integrated ability. " say of some communication Inc. Miss HR Miss Sun, "Resemble us in the company with high content of this kind of technology, talent of invite applications for a job is put in district to restrict far from, the technology is excellent just be the most important. " undeniable of course is to be in humanitarian reach geographical environment be familiar with degree to go up, native still has definite advantage in competition, this also is one of conditions with essential place of position of a few marketing, nevertheless Miss Sun thinks, if applicant itself has very strong study to get used to ability and outstanding expressive ability, calculating is not native, believe to also develop the work smoothly. This shows, the view of choose and employ persons of the enterprise moves toward reality, answered a logion: "No matter be black cat, still be white cat, want to be able to catch mouse only, that is good cat. That is good cat..

Self-confident bargain protects rights and interests

Talent flow produces unripe competition, mirror on pay directly above all. Many this locality to apply for a job person think of different ground person swarm into, pull apparently low pay level, and different ground person also is one face but. Miss Sun thinks, appear this one state, cannot ascribe responsibility to some one party, the enterprise stems from the consideration that reduces cost of choose and employ persons, accept low salary this above criticism also, but this also is float of the appreciably inside the limits in position pay level, the behavior of baleful demand a low price is more excessive. And the person that regard different ground as to apply for a job, although itself belongs to weak force group, can need not bend the might pressure at the enterprise, understand the market level that applies for position through all sorts of means first, combine oneself ability size, but self-confident ground and company haggle over the price. At the same time Miss Sun reminds everybody even a bit, different ground to apply for a job person also can enjoy 3 gold welfare, oneself legitimate rights and interests also should have been protected appropriately.
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