Random answering question of interview avoid by all means

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When interview of to apply for a job, applicant classics regular meeting is behaved because of him spot not beautiful or lack are certain " hardware " and with working just miss the opportunity. It is below a few " a n experienced person " experience of deep feeling of grief:

Lesson one: Brash go into battle

When attending invite applications for a job to meet for the first time, mr Wang is taking resume, see the unit is cast. The business is developed in a software, personnel of invite applications for a job asks he understands not to know some software that this company produces, his answer gets an incongruous, result resume on the spot by go back.

Enlightenment: Before applying for, answer to understand data of unit of invite applications for a job adequately, the development strategy of the competition ability that includes its product and service, product, market, company.

Lesson 2: Not good at one's words

When Miss Zhang first time attends interview, official of be in charge of an examination gives out 5 minutes to make self introduction. After she says department of full name, age, school, courtyard, do not know to say what is good, foolish stood half minutes, the expression of result how terrible, make she lost that more inviting job.

Enlightenment: "Talk about yourself " , this promotes this big the main chance just about. If do not know from why to do it, can ask in reply the other side: Let me talk about my understanding to visit course of study first? In grabbing active power him hand. The answer wants simple and incisive, stress oneself ability and strong point.

Lesson 3: Ask a price of all over the sky

When Mr Chen first time attends interview, the other side asks him the expectation to monthly pay how to much the value is. His blurt out leaves gave 4500 yuan. After applying for an end, he just listens to a classmate to mention, this industry although salary is very high, but the this year's graduates has 2000 yuan only commonly, do ripe hind just can go up slowly go up. Result his apply for this with " piece bureau " end.

Enlightenment: To apply for a job person the monthly pay standard that should investigate relevant position before to apply for a job, accomplish " know fairly well " . When refer pay, had better not say specific number.

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