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Tell the truth, these problems place palpability below is to find fault, probable you can be encountered far from when interview. But family " search " come to come, you also have exert oneself force and his deal with only.   

1, without working experience, do you think you fit our requirement?   

Stupid answer: But you come namely invite applications for a job is this year's of the undergraduate ah.   

Clever answer: Hear because did not chase,have a young tiger experience, and be rejected to chasing besides the circle, do you think it still has the possibility that grow?

2, why you read philosophy, will apply for to do audit however?   

Stupid answer: You had explained " do not be restricted professional " , so I try presumably.   

Clever answer one: Allegedly, dilettante inspiration often exceeds adept, decide without thinking because of them situation, without conventions.

Clever answer 2: I cross major to seek job, it is to provide a kind of such power to oneself, all one's life study just won't be washed out by the society.

3, the business suit that you wear is like not up to much of quality of a material!

Stupid answer: Dress does not affect my performance, what is more,the rather that I had not worked, it is better to can not afford.

Clever answer: My bosom puts the Qian Lu that buys Western-style clothes to cross a bookshop yesterday, discover two crucial to me books, the likelihood provides a help for today's interview, I spent collect to buy the fund of business suit then.  

4, you and I talked about the issue that makes mind half hours, what thing to see?   

Intention of this problem it doesn't matter, the train of thought that sees you namely is novel, can leave deep impression to him. You think what answers what, the answer is done not have exclusive.

Stupid answer: I saw a table, floor, you and I...

Clever answer: That's all right is new, it is your this house special chaos.

5, if will be about to die tomorrow, do you hope what to word be carved on his gravestone?

Take an examination of an official actual it is to want to ask you, can your him hope achieve this lifetime what kind of achievement?

Stupid answer: Sought portion good job, looked for a good husband to wait " wife child heats up the warmer end of kang " of type " life is good " , perhaps rest please, the empty talk that I am an irrelevant of good person and so on.

Clever answer: My this lifetime has worked in very much different trade, this makes me very contented.   

6, do 737 have a Boeing multiple? Can a Boeing install below how many golf 747 lis?

This kind of problem, take an examination of an official to won't hope really you can the number with exact cipher out, the key is to want body to reveal the method that think, reach through reasonable hypothesis and inference next the number that is close to a fact. Nevertheless, true still somebody has encountered such taking an examination of official, his work laboriously thought a long time, be forced embarrassed embarrassed admits defeat, the result takes an examination of government-owned grin to laugh then: "Actually this problem basically does not have the answer, also do not know even myself how to answer, just want to see you have courage to admit not to know just. "
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