How does firewood fulfil talk in interview

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Firewood proposes a toast the problem is the problem that a very important He Min in interview feels, also be an issue that inevitable talk reachs interview both sides. Suffer the effect of Chinese traditional idea, people was in in the past refer is about to say to still rest a little when this problem, be ashamed Yu Qi ages. Be commercialized increasingly as what talent and labour force communicate and generalization, people can more and more calm and blunt ground discuss firewood fulfil issue.

From say substantially, discussion firewood fulfil is the argy-bargy of both sides of talent supply and demand, but differ somewhat with the naked argy-bargy in goods business course. Be opposite especially to apply for a job person for, how to hold proper limits for speech or action and skill, having very big effect to the success of to apply for a job.

As a result of the personal interest of the person that firewood fulfil matters to to apply for a job directly, accordingly, they care naturally to this particularly. But, in interview process, the opportunity that grasps discussion firewood fulfil is very significant. In this respect, to apply for a job person want special attention:

Above all, do not discuss firewood without preamble to propose a toast. Although interview is bilateral won't problem of fulfil of firewood of dare not or would not speak up, but to apply for a job person go straight towards this topic continuously at the beginning, give a person easily too haggle over every ounce monetary impression, make interview person sell at a discount greatly to your the first impression.

Next, the person that had better let interview first refer this problem. According to order of average invite applications for a job, interview person be opposite to apply for a job person manner of ability, individual character, work after having an initial impression, the meeting is active to to apply for a job person the case of pay of firewood fulfil welfare that introduces a company or the person that ask to apply for a job " how much is your expectation salary " . At this moment, to apply for a job person can very naturally raises his requirement.

Additional, to apply for a job person when putting forward firewood fulfil to ask, should accomplish as far as possible " have a definite object in view " . Because, open the salary that give fulfil is too low, suspect ability inadequacy; Open the salary that give fulfil is too tall, lose competitive chance possibly.

According to the author's experience, to apply for a job person likelihood according to consults the following times with deciding oneself " psychological price " :

The ability of 1. individual, record of formal schooling, qualifications and record of service. Units of many invite applications for a job propose a toast in affirmatory firewood general metropolis leaves the room with have certain when policy, so that according to to apply for a job person be the same as a circumstance and do not master neatly. Actually, firewood proposes a toast " tall " with " low " it is opposite, to unit of invite applications for a job, the key is to want " person " be worth somewhat.
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