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Interview, had begun before you say the first word. When interview official moves toward you, forming to your impression. You are in he / sit down before her, waiting to answer you to had gotten ready, the question that will be asked, the appearance that official of this moment interview passes you, pose, smile or nervous expression already began to undertake was judginged to you.

In California university los angeles divides a research of school to make clear a few years ago, the impression that individual behavior expression gives a person 7% depend on terminological, 38% depend on acoustic quality, 55% depend on be not language communication. The importance that is not language communication cans be imagined from this!

Think back to the lecturer that you ever had listened to to make a speech or teacher. Who more let your remain fresh in one's memory? It is that figure is vividder, fascinating, be still that transmits information only? This is not to say you get suit at interview official (must not give him please / her break a jest! ) , and the dialog that means you should interact more actively. The foreground that if you say you are right,works for this company is very excited, but did not reveal any enthusiasm, your word criterion too flatly. Might as well smile, do from time to time make gesture, show your vigor, make interview course makes both sides very happy.

The blame language trap that is beware of of a few need below:

Handclasp: This is you and interview official the first time meet. If he / she extends him / her hand, grasped however a jelly, wet hand, so this is not good germinant. You grasp a hand to come should be solid and strong, but not too exert all one's strength, your hand ought to be dry warm. Just arrived when you when interview spot, develop your hand with cold water. If your hand hair is cool, rush with hot water. The palm is right thermoregulation especially sensitive.

Your pose: If the station is loose, be like,sit bell. We are not to saying " ramrod " pose, just let you show energy and cordial. Slouching pose looks whacked or unmindful. Look in the mirror or pat Duan Lu to resemble examining his.

Eye communication: Look at interview official with the eye. Not glaring, because it appears,have aggression sex too. When interview official says, now and then cool detachment shoot a glance at him / her hand. If you are in,always keep sweep room, you appear lack self-confidence or feel uncomfortable to place conversation topic.

Your hand: Some of gesture is being made when conversation is very natural. But too monograph may disperse at gesticulation the person's attention. Additional, avoid the mouth that you touch when conversation. Yourself looks in the mirror when call when you. What you use probably in interview is similar gesture.

Do not want feel restless: Compare fingering hair without what, take the land by the cap of a pen, foot, or feel the body in spite of oneself some part is worse.
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