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General component is normal unit interview standards of grading 10 respects, full marks 100 minutes: ① individual brief introduction, make an on-the-spot investigation to ego is summed up and know capacity, include assessment of interest interest, specialty, disposition, occupy 10% ; Intelligence quotient of basic idea, IQ evaluates ② major, occupy 10% ; ③ post ability, experience, occupy 10% ; Business of ④ EQ affection is evaluated, occupy 10% ; Business of ⑤ AQ adversity is evaluated, occupy 10% ; ⑥ logistic thinking, analysis judges ability, occupy 10% ; Heart of enthusiasm of ⑦ initiative, job, responsibility, occupy 10% ; ⑧ attributive feeling, faithfulness spends an evaluation, occupy 10% ; ⑨ organizes discipline sex, occupy 10% ; ⑩ knowledge face, potential, occupy 10% .

With experience of the writer's old invite applications for a job, the following respects are noting particularly when interview:

Good beginning can say the in part that is a success, should ensure leave next self-confidence, cordial impression to unit of invite applications for a job at the beginning, also beat interest to oneself. Can use such opening remarks for instance: "Thank you very much (you) the chance that gives me this interview, if you recruit me, I can show scene certainly. " interview is over, come to an agreement or understanding last word is very important also, before interview end is faced, want to thanks courteously, should emphasize the longing that oneself work to this and the confidence that can be competent repeatedly more. E.g. , "Thank what you give me to give directions very much, hope organic meeting is great learn to you, also hope organic meeting is your effectiveness, if can be recruited,my deciding can give lubricious performance, consider my case more please, the hope gets good news, goodbye! " this is very decent, easy.

Again for instance, when asking about pay pay, because general and regular corporation is right each post methodical job analysis, comprehensive job assessment, accurate position specification, perfect pay system, fair welfare treatment, as long as the company is growing, want management of resource of this company labor power to compare a standard only, you need not the problem of respect of pay of too much and afraid pay, tell tall not actual, tell low also won't let you be in an unfavorable situation. Regrettablly, some undergraduates go up overly in pay pay now make an issue of, still a few people can raise unreasonable requirement, make unit of choose and employ persons very unhappy. For instance, a computer Master is graduate, the mouth says salary wants 3000 yuan, say 2500 yuan to be avoided one minute less later talk, I say, 1500 yuan, much cent is avoided talk. Actually unit of choose and employ persons of this kind of person likes not quite, won't want commonly, concern comes in his action the meeting is very troublesome, follow your argy-bargy all the day. Still have an undergraduate students, call come over, also ignore company product, technology, prospect, also do not sign up for on oneself name, professional, what can do, how much does the first word ask a monthly wages, I reply so: 800-8 10 thousand yuan / month, you should come interview, traffic board and lodging provides for oneself. He took the train of 3 night 3 days to come, the result draws even symbol of the basiccest circuit, dynatron do not come, be forced to go back angrily.
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