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Editor's note: Ai Xun of home of company understanding a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties points out, people Chang Ping the first impression, will evaluate this person the following knowledge and behavior. So, erroneous the first impression often denied one the individual's value. This shows, the instant that good glitter can hold when interview is how important. It is a few to apply for a job below person the case that holds interview glitter instant successfully. Hope the to apply for a job to you is helped somewhat.

Flashy instant one: Alert and capricious

Interview personnel asks: "The resume that narrates you with time of a minute please " . Jiang Mei resembles a mature announcer, enunciation clarity said fluently: "I call Jiang Mei, chinese undergraduate course graduated 2000, graduation hind went to an ad firm to be in charge of article table job. During, the many article table that oneself design independently gets of client and expert reputably, among them an article table had the honor to win province advertisement to learn issued first prize. Off hours teachs oneself English, obtained letter of intermediate spoken English. Your favorable work environment and development foreground attracted me, I hope to obtain a scope that with you synchronism expands. I hope to obtain a scope that with you synchronism expands..

After she is narrated, manager of human affairs department says to her: "Although your self introduction is gotten very wonderful, we also had certain knowledge to you through meeting this, but what you say like yourself place is so good, we understand further even. We understand further even..

Ginger plum face brings smilingly answer: "This is irrespective, we are colleagues after, slowly understanding is not late also, the probation that also has 9 months at least! The probation that also has 9 months at least!!

Comment on: Jiang Mei uses the person that clever speech affected invite applications for a job, still pull close the between distance with official of be in charge of an examination. As applicant, although you are again clever bright, the problem that appears the likelihood when interview impossibly also wants to get reach every aspect of a matter. Irrespective nevertheless, want you to eliminate insecurity only, it is good to accomplish adapt oneself to changing circumstances. This can mirror your quick mind not only, can show the unhurried attitude when you face difficulty more.

Flashy instant 2: With small see big

After Xu Yalei receives the interview of company of a public relations to inform, come to interview place ahead of schedule. The place that provides applicant is only chair of a couplet, can sit only two people, because she comes early, still sky of a seat is worn, she is very natural sat.

When interview officer lets, the person that awaits interview already was swarmed outside the door, and at this moment from two applicant come in outside the door, have a woman student with particularly high high-heeled shoes among them, xu Yalei stands up actively to let the seat to her. Xu Yalei says: "Your heel is high, the station is worn too tired, you will sit. You will sit..
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