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When interview, as far as possible moderate land is being stared at advocate the person that try, because give priority to the person that try to also examining everything your, include appearance, words and deeds, attitude, dress, hair style, dress up, sound, connotation...
It is clear to read aloud oneself name read aloud oneself name first, use all sorts of strong conditions liberally to make ego promote next, skill of style of conversation is brillant person, can do his utmost to recommend oneself with eloquence mostly when interview, make interview person the impression that leaves profundity.
Can pay attention to at ordinary times so contact with stranger, reach the chitchat essentials of training and elder, division commander. Support oneself argument as far as possible with specific paradigmatic, achievement. Reply advocate the inquiry of the person that try, with clear, concise, systimatic the target that is hard, but it is hum not only absolutely hum, be, right, good, simple response.
Pay attention to ceremony, volume, expression, movement, manner natural and kind, conceal defect or abuse, notice ceremony and show oneself advantage and advantage. Timely him transfer volume size, cooperate expression, join feeling of dialect, rhythm to wait for richer than having tender feelings relatively spark, lively, vivid, humorous vocabulary, develop intense intentional heart.
Say the front, thing that is helpful for oneself more, above the ability that places the central issue in his as far as possible and advantage, avoid to reveal oneself weakness: Doesn't Bin of backbone of travel ┲ epiphysis freeze is flourishing of Xing of Chinese alligator smile tranquil does  of the dredge that suckle Bo ugly does  of Γ of Na Xuan of ⌒ of ⑿ of shank of Juan of abdomen of Xing of Nao addiction cut down circle Guan and does  of  of joyous ㄒ of Mo of cleanse of  of Sha of Jiao of Meng of suddenly ┳ ㄓ return boundless and indistinct of neon A Chinese-style unlined garment  ?
Face very conceited advocate when the person that try, had better become an audience, be sure to keep in mind urgent episode, encounter have when won't becoming answering issue, might as well according to solid speak, do not chicanery.
Official of answer be in charge of an examination the time of any problem and content, best and moderate land is controlled, not east pull pull on the west, more theme of not aleatoric deviate.
With advocate the distance that the person that try talks, come with 130 centimeter 250 centimeter are relatively ideal, do not too approach too advocate the person that try, let advocate the discomfort that generation of the person that try is encroached is experienced, should avoiding the occasional with the classmate especially is a good friend like indelicate (frame-up classics, popular common saying) muzzle answer.

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