The society when interview changes angle to seek a door of the house

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Company of a harbor endowment in Jinan invite applications for a job a business is represented. The armour that enters finals, second two applicant, in different time paragraph interview comes before be being informed respectively.

Armour is during interview, if all sorts of problem answer flow. It is during his find oneself is good, of responsible interview take an examination of an official to hand suddenly his key, and conveniently points to an indoor wicket, of chant laugh chant say: "Ask you to help me take a teacup in that house. "Ask you to help me take a teacup in that house..

Armour has received the key to go that wicket, the key is inserted very easily into ward, can twist namely do not move, cannot open. Very patient ground tinkered with armour good a period of time, just had turned round to come, ask that leafs through material very courteously take an examination of an official: "Excuse me, be this key? Be this key??

"Yes, " take an examination of an official to look up see armour, complement again, "Wrong not, it is that key. " the material that reads him then next.

Armour is hit do not open the door, go to take an examination of an official with respect to face about before, say very embarrassedly: "The door cannot be opened, I am not thirsty also... "

Take an examination of an official to break his word: "Good, you go back wait for an announcement, in a week if do not receive an announcement, need not wait. Need not wait..

Although,second is in when answer problem not quite fluent, but he is very fast it is with that key in that house fetch a teacup. Took an examination of an official to pour a cup of water for him, tell him gladly: "Drink a cup of water, sign an agreement next, you by employ. You by employ..

Original, that house is more than a door, outside that inside fan door that divides the room that take an examination of an official, still have fan and neighbour of one photograph of the door that take an examination of an official external the door. Second opened that door outside, that teacup that takes out success of to apply for a job comes.

Enlightenment: On ongoing journey, we spent very great time, do not be willing to change an angle to ponder over a problem from beginning to end however, consider some of other way, consider other shortcut. The door that another hole after perhaps changing point of view successfully namely opens.

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