Interview of to apply for a job notices skill and method careful " golden mouth

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When interview of to apply for a job, to apply for a job person little not should introduce oneself, ask a few questions that must want to know. Interview is a decision whether by the first pace of employ, if be when the question that answers interview official carelessly a few skill and method, end in order to fail extremely likely. It is a few kinds of improper chaos leave below " golden mouth " expression:

Is lack self-confident -- , " a few people should you enrol? " this kind of inquiry lacks self-confident heart apparently, behave inadequacy to his competition ability, lack competitive actual strength. "Should you want a woman? " the female is competitive also, such inquiry showed cowardly trace, lack is self-confident, still do not have interview, was afraid of oneself first, right now, of interview it is OK to take an examination of an official make use of an opportunity to do sth, give decline. If you come one time clever Chen Ci or self introduction, move with this take an examination of an official, instead can make unit of choose and employ persons serious consider. "Resemble me the person of such ages, should you want? " some units are now when invite applications for a job, have the restriction of the age really, the person that do not want the to apply for a job with old age. But, the person with old age has the desirable part with large age, in social experience, handle affairs the respect such as ability has an advantage than the youth, so the age also is a kind of fortune and competition ability actually greatly. "Should want foreigner? " a few foreigner stem from openness, or be eager to applying for a job, see hire an unit so straight on the head, do so that personnel of invite applications for a job cans say nothing, answer can simply only, not! Because be in usually, not be not to want foreigner, foreigner also has the advantage of foreigner, if agree to bear hardships, the pay of the requirement is relatively inferior, and the effect that won't have a family, respect course of study to wait quite. But, also not be external person wants, the need of the professional technical ability that this wants to see you and specialty and unit of invite applications for a job is deny conform to. If you ask otherwise so simply to want foreigner, can let personnel of invite applications for a job only curtly answer says not to want, a word gives the way of to apply for a job be blocked up dead.

Come up to ask a few pay the question -- , " your pay how? " " how many money can a month give me? " " have off day? A few days does a month rest? " these problems are not to cannot ask, want to look for an opportunity to ask however, want to choose an opportune moment, cannot start to talk to ask so. Otherwise, unit of invite applications for a job can think, we still do not have self introduction, had not understood you, still do not know you have how old ability and level, can create how many profit to us, be about how to many money ask a month? Whether to still want take sb on the staff without the decision you, raise so much requirement, how dare we use you? So flat do not want you.
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