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Interview should build the enemy with the oldest self-confidence is him

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Look from appearance, I am an extremely common girl, this are experienced when I go attending interview the deepest, have quite in a flock of dress savour, the girl with skin good charming and lady group in, I appear a Triton of the minnows having a place. Perhaps be to feel oneself are impossible by the cause of employ, that day interview when I did not resemble going nervous in that way, unexpected, I became 72 applicant in only by one of 4 people of employ.

Interview gave me successful gratification, more the reflection that gave me the success. I was used to locating my into in the past outside and common a bit poor, introvert, not the person of one's words of arrogate to oneself, and often exceed this signal in brains often magnify, when if apply for,containing position of human association colorific only so, resemble pressing a hill on the back, had not waited for others what to say, oneself first avowed be no good pulled out. This interview let my summary successfully give a fundamental, that is, know oneself advantage and inadequacy clearly, make full use of and produce oneself advantage, conquer is not worth brought psychogenic disorder, correct mendable inadequacy as far as possible in practice.

This my principle cashed in promotion of the following sale. I am going when the unit does a product to popularize, do not think oneself as far as possible is a skin bad, not the person that arrogate to oneself interacts, however the identity with adviser of a hairdressing, produce oneself medical advantage, with analysing the skin to the client metabolic process is a foundation, introduce the principle that the skin maintains and measure, in this process ground of exert a subtle influence on joined the conduct propaganda to company product, in short large quantities of one clients developed inside lunar time, rank in all outstanding achievement in popularizing personnel the 2nd, oneself also gained thousands of yuan sales revenue.

The experience that succeeds step by step gave me more self-assurance, the appearance that I am myself no longer is self-abased with disposition. Making the gap that cosmetic popularizes, I discover the director of area health bureau for the first time, introduced me to learn the means of problem of the results in the process and my job, processing and characteristic in undergraduate course to him, showed I hope to make the wish that course of study of one's own profession works a bit earlier to wholesome system. Again of unexpected is, after two days when chat this, I got the telephone call of section chief of division of human affairs of area health bureau, she informs I report for duty to health bureau mechanism!

Be worth what carry is, inside the time of two months after I work to the health bureau, the client that often still has original cosmetic company looks for my product that order, they say to see me know is a simple and honest person, they trust I! The appearance that this also is him discovery of my first time became a dominant position unexpectedly.
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