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Firewood talks things over to propose a toast when interview not blind

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The hard to avoid when interview of to apply for a job mentions firewood fulfil. The firewood fulfil of a person waits for be closely bound up with its ability, action, expression, contribution, you have not understand in unit of choose and employ persons when afore-mentioned circumstances, make a price is exorbitant, be accepted by unit of choose and employ persons hard; Make a price is too low, those who be in an unfavorable situation is him.

How to negotiate firewood fulfil with unit of choose and employ persons? You must when should know above all:

1, unless servantchoose a person for a job,the unit has made known his position very clearly to want to use you, do not discuss firewood to propose a toast otherwise;

2, do not blind and active the firewood fulfil number that puts forward to hope to get;

3, understand from inside the way one speaks or what he says as far as possible, the firewood reward that unit of choose and employ persons gives you is fixed still have those who negotiate room;

4, try to know welfare of fulfil of this industry firewood and position before interview vacant circumstance.

In harmonious process, if unit of choose and employ persons wants your make a price, can tell firstly firewood fulfil extent. Like him must you speak a specific amount, can ask he is willing how to much pay, measure oneself again whether accept.

To reduce the blindness of argy-bargy, can enquire to other and congener company vacant circumstance mixes position probably firewood fulfil standard, make him know fairly well.

Ideal firewood fulfil is counted, should be unit of choose and employ persons and to apply for a job person both sides can accept, and to apply for a job person should behave certain flexibility. After negotiate of firewood fulfil welfare, unit of best requirement choose and employ persons writes share agreement contract, because some servantchoose a person for a job after unit interview, probable meeting forgets the thing that ever promised you.

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