Chengdu at the end of recruitment into jobs for college students, only 3

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Yesterday (18) morning, Chengdu cooking college students ZHANG Rui, Yu Hui early in the human resources market to find a job. "Although more than jobs, and preparation for work than people, we is not dominant." Near the end of the year, temporarily unemployed graduates, Xiang Tiaocao personnel have entered the job market, finding a job or change jobs. The employer to meet at the end of shopping season, providing a large number of jobs. Yu Hui human resources market yesterday at job fairs, retail stores, restaurants, shopping malls, IT and other industries to provide a large number of practical positions, for serving staff and fresh graduates. Caught in the serving staff, students between migrant workers, feel that the end positions are numerous, but for them it is not easy to find a job. Pressure on both sides of the end of job students Assistant general manager, marketing, sales, software testing division ... ... Yesterday morning, Yuhui at the human resource market at the end of Recruitment, IT, catering, shopping malls and other large enterprises at the end of the employment needs, the scene offers more than 2,000 jobs , for various job groups. "Winter break soon, and we are a bit anxious." Yesterday morning, ZHANG Rui browse over one by one hundred units of job recruitment information. Employers to provide more than the post, but more than half of the posts are clear requirements for work experience or migrant workers, "the waiter, security, repair definitely not for me, even if the candidates down on the can not do." ZHANG Rui frustration. Positions in the scene to provide about 30% for fresh students, clerks, sales, designers and other general post, not explicitly required work experience. "Recruitment is seasonal, beginning the end of the center of gravity must have experience in personnel and recruit frontline workers, for students are generally in the mid-year in September -12, March -6 recruitment arrangements between the months." Hiring a production company official said, the biggest demand is certainly the end of line staff, workers and the like. Year, the employer will begin to pay attention to those working talents. Job gain experience in preparation for the coming year Early end of each year, students will encounter such embarrassing job. "Today, more than 2,000 employers to provide jobs, 60% more are desperately short of jobs." Yuhui the person in charge of human resources market, said the small high school, desperately short positions mainly in food and beverage, IT sales, logistics, etc. at the end of much-needed employment in the industry. The assistant general manager, production and other responsible positions, it is prepared to prepare job-hopping staff. "Today I apply for the financial position of a foreign hotel, interview, asked me to introduce myself with a full English." Chengdu University of PEI, said the little English, although the comprehensive job fair, a lot of jobs are not necessarily suitable for students, but can communicate with the employer, the accumulation of job experience, for next year find a better job. Job experience for the end of the beginning of the embarrassment of college students, Ding remind high school students, not depressed, and the employer contacts the growth process itself, "Every time we say comprehensive recruitment organizations, some employers are required to provide some jobs do not require work experience . "

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