Society Hill to participate in the main push the big house up to 90 off the pur

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West Tsing District Society Hill house in the sale of villas, which house units to 145,147,150 square meters in the sale of large units, existing homes, which bought the living, the average price of 9,500 yuan / square meter, at this stage "Admission of Talents Scheme" in progress, Current address and place of work by division, the highest purchase offer of 10 points. I cleared some room villa for sale, townhouse price of 12,000 yuan / square meter, Larry, house prices 13000-14000 yuan / square meter. Four main push units 180-250 square meters room. More information, please contact the sales center. Zhangjiawo Society Hill project is located in New City, located in the international concept of the Greater Beijing region, the core location and the Bohai zone built by the famous German design company featuring full design of the Rhine of China, the use of hand-split brick, high temperature door height windows, shutters ladder, roof steel frame, metal batch of water, a unique rainwater collection system, construction quality is good. >>> View the social hub location, shouldering the heavy responsibility to build the Metro. Zuowei Zhangjiawo new city the only high-end residential project on a large, not only help ease pressure on the role of urban housing, will also promote the development of plates. Construction uses the German Society Hill, Department of Seiko Jianshan in the sale of units Traffic conditions: Society Hill Road, Lai-chun, the surrounding adjacent to State Road 104; Jin Lai Road; Xin old; Bin Water West Road, Ying Shuidao (under construction) Bus - A Road, 707 Road, Jinxi a way, unique flow line.

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