To break the iron rice bowl football coach Training the youth

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Domestic Football Club coaches are in the hands of the "iron rice bowl" is probably retain his job! From the 2011 season, the Chinese Football Association will further regulate the domestic coach coaching qualifications, including certificates that have been made at all levels, coaches coach, not only in terms of personnel training young people, "makeup", but also in the OTC sound moral and professional conduct, not standards in the foreseeable future will not be allowed in the domestic league coach. Chinese Football Association plans to football next year will be excavated and training young talent into the national training system for coaches, so that teaching content related to job qualification directly linked with the coaches. Vide adequate control center director said, in order to optimize the domestic level of professional club team coach, all levels of the Chinese Football Association coaching certification except the theory of strict training, youth training will be incorporated into the content of teaching coaches. "Now not only the coach, assistant, certified fitness instructor posts need is a coach who has not received the certificate for a license in hand and making progress, we give these coaches make up classes." In accordance with the vide ideas, new season the club up for access to the domestic standards, including U10 age group must have a Level 4 team, which participated in league as a coach who can not only pursue future professional league ranking, but the work should reach stretch more updates concerning the club's young talent cultivation. Each season, a coach must be a considerable time to come out of the middle echelon of football dolls are carefully pointing, but also on the echelon of teachers with timely guidance. "Based on our understanding of football league developed countries, can not participate in youth football training, do not know the status of youth football coach, not much better." Neve said. At present the work of IOC will select the Yangshuai Training and Youth "bridge." In accordance with the requirements of vide, in addition to the new Olympic coach business coach to help improve the level of the Chinese, but also as far as possible on the reserve forces of football to give the necessary guidance in order to meet Guo Zihao, clubs, schools, all-round co-cultured Trinity requirements of young people. It is reported that the Chinese Football Association stadium will be strictly from the bench next season, the management, to further standardize the coaches, club officials on the sidelines guide the behavior of spectators. New season, the teams during a single game, only one person to stand Conducting Competition, and the remaining members of the bench may not get up, or they will face severe punishment. Can be said that the Chinese Football Association launched a series of measures intended to force the league coaches truly "ability and political integrity."

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