Xiangfan Hi-tech Zone ride "two three four" pattern attract entrepreneurial tal

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In recent years, increasing investment in Xiangfan Hi-tech Zone, integrating elements of a variety of resources, focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, started for all types of small and medium enterprises to provide public technology platform and research platform, formed a "two parks, three centers, four base "of the business structure and many R & D platform go hand in hand a good situation. - "The two parks," the national IPR pilot park and business park in Xiangfan in Hubei Province students. National IPR pilot park in early 2006, approved by the State Intellectual Property Office, after 3 years of construction, in November 2009 through the expiration of acceptance and is currently a national IPR demonstration park. Xiangfan, Hubei Province Park is the students in December 2009, from Hubei Province Office of Human Resources and Social Security Award established by the provincial Overseas Students Pioneer Park, is actively absorbed by returned overseas students to return home and work. - "Three centers" that is national business service centers, state-level China Association of Productivity Promotion Center and the Academy of Experts service center. National Business Incubation Center was established in November 1995, the new technology incubator building construction area of 43,000 square meters, can be stationed in nearly a hundred small and medium technology enterprises. The center is currently in business or service in the incubated enterprises have six experts and the State Council grants a large number of doctors, masters and engineers, human resources and technological innovation to become a gathering place. Productivity Center is a high-tech zones in September 2009 by the National Science and Technology identified. Fellow Experts service center is completed in October 2009 the first domestic high-tech zones service center. Organized last year for the first time 21 experts for the pulse interrogation area of 16 companies on the 525 pump, Fuda East companies such as Hong crank scene to solve the technical problems led to Aviation Precision Machinery and Shanghai Baosteel and other fine blanking dies built timber R & D center for the business year alone cost more than 1,000 yuan. - "Four base" that high-level personnel of Hubei Province innovation and entrepreneurship of overseas bases, college students business base, international creative industry base in East Lake and the Chinese Overseas Students Pioneer Park Union industrial base of Xiangfan (Xiangfan Science and Technology City). Hubei overseas talents innovation base 8 in 2009 approved the establishment of the Organization Department of Provincial period. The base is the first Ministry of Science Students "Students start the pilot trainee base unit." East Lake High-tech innovation and industrial base by the international Hi-tech Zone, Wuhan East Lake High Technology Group and co-development and construction, is Xiangfan's first production, research, office, business, living as an integrated, intensive, eco-technology park, the total investment of more than 700 million yuan, with a total construction area of more than 30 million square meters. Chinese Overseas Students Pioneer Park Union industrial base of Xiangfan in August this year by the Overseas Students Hi-tech Zone and the Beijing Science and Technology Service Center signed a cooperation agreement to build the science and technology city. At the same time, and constantly improve the innovation service system, focusing on promoting research and development platform, has built 115 various scientific and technological research and development institutions. 42 completed the space station and strong post-doctoral, recovery date, the new torch, etc. 3 post industrial base, gathering a large number of degrees, and other high-end talent.

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