Henan to do the work of human resource services industry cluster areas

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Sponsored by the Office of Human Resources and Social Henan Province, Henan Province in 2010, demand for industrial agglomeration area information dissemination cum-site talent recruitment fair held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, 18 from provincial cities of the industrial clustering more than 100 companies, together , Recruit talent. In recent years, human resources and social security departments of Henan Province in accordance with the provincial government on the development of industrial clustering the unified arrangements of the industry professionals work in a concentrated area in a prominent position, on the one hand the establishment of industrial clustering Post-doctoral research base, on the one hand to carry out industrial clustering and high-level management personnel and technical personnel training, and also organized the implementation of industrial clustering leave the country (territory) training and a hundred thousand school-enterprise cooperation and other projects, to promote the industry set Poly District and provide a strong intellectual support personnel. The focus on talent demand publishing industry gathering area information, organizing job fairs concentration area, is the social sector to adapt to the province of Henan Province were the need for industrial development, for industrial clustering talents, to promote the industry Concentrated area and fast development of specific actions. It is understood that concentration area in Henan Province for the talent to master the demand, Henan Province, the Office of Human Resources and Social demand for industrial clustering personnel conducted a comprehensive survey, were collected from people It needs post (post)-bit information 2526, 4.29 million people need all kinds of talents.

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