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Good director, good actor is not short of division of good lighting engineer, nice sound to search hard

The person with ability of craft of behind the curtain such as design of division of lighting engineer, acoustics, arena is in people look is exposure rate lower, but in group of play staff, artistic courtyard, its position is mixed however artistic talented person is coequal and serious before the director, actor act that is familiar with for people place. The personage inside course of study plaints, at present good director, good actor searchs not hard, but division of good lighting engineer, acoustics is rare however. Is actual condition true such? How is the shortage of person with ability of craft of outstanding behind the curtain caused? The reporter waits for many sided through unit, artistic to choose and employ persons school interview seeking the solution.

■ market sound: Person with ability of craft of outstanding behind the curtain " will beg hard "

Is the person with ability of craft of behind the curtain such as good lamplight, acoustics begged so hard really? The reporter interviewed a few personages inside elder course of study, the market demand that discovers person with ability of craft of outstanding behind the curtain is very big, but real talent natural resources is not ample, be in the state that demand exceeds supply almost.

Evening party of Spring Festival of Beijing TV station directs Ma Rong to have old and large evening party and teleplay director experience, look in her when all sorts of artistic person with abilities inside the circle basically have demand, can find smoothly, but the talent of the originality that has extraordinary is searched hard now. She says, large evening party is very tall to requirement of division of lighting engineer, acoustics, the whole nation division of top class lighting engineer, acoustics can be counted on one's fingers, the income that the good light that has experience and acoustics division do not compare an actor is low, their income comes from the one part of evening party project mostly. Because be job of behind the curtain more, photograph comparing will tell, the unlike actor such as lighting engineer and acoustics division, director is paid close attention to particularly in that way. And good lighting engineer needs to have rich experience, not be the university graduates can of begin, if a lot of complex cases do not have experience very intractability.

Although Oriental chorus has home's best lighting engineer Sha Xiaolan, but interest of colonel Tian Jun expressed to wait for arena technology personnel to be anxious in short supplily to lighting engineer likewise. He says, a preeminent artistic group needs outstanding management talent and outstanding artistic talented person, outstanding arena technique talent also is indispensable. To the value that purchases inside the group for equipment of many yuan 1000 top class lamplight, sound, the team of personnel of technology of high level arena that is badly in need of forming to have certain dimensions in the group. He says, the lack of qualified personnel of outstanding arena technology, investigate its reason, it is the promotion that asks to the program as a result of the audience on one hand. Content of arena design technology is at present higher and higher, traditional arena technology qualified personnel gets used to this kind of change hard; On the other hand, the talent amount that about artistic major the school develops is limited also. The school is fostering actor, director to wait in great quantities related cropland colonel appeal " before act " talent while the direction that also can adjust education according to the demand of the market, same education gives the arena technology talented person of more high quality.
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