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China is carried out " talent powerful nation " of the strategy and talent market increasingly active, attracted numerous abroad talent orgnaization to enter. So far, bureau of expert of national foreign country maintained 332 countries in all (condition) outside the orgnaization is in China the qualification that begins international talent to communicate an activity, among them foreign expert organizes 96, the talent grooms orgnaization 236.

Director of bureau of expert of national foreign country 10 thousand learn far in what hold here China International talent communicated 2004 say on congress, of the ceaseless development as Chinese economy, society and economic internationalization process accelerate ceaselessly, each domain is more pressing to the talent's demand, this arrives for the orgnaization outside the condition China begin international talent to communicated an activity to provide very good good luck and capacious stage.

As we have learned, in recent years, china follows pattern of international talent flow, positive development uses resource of two kinds of person with abilities of international country, increase the strength that introduces the talent outside the condition, intelligence. Current, the bureau of expert of national foreign country that is in charge of this job already was mixed with on the world 60 many countries the organization of nearly 300 experts of the area and talent groom the cooperation that the orgnaization built stability concerns. Since 2001, the professional outside the condition that introduces every year exceeds 350 thousand person-time, achieved 390 thousand person-time last year, expedite groom personnel exceeds 40 thousand person-time.

10 thousand learn far express, will give a qualification to approbate besides the orgnaization of international talent intermediary that continues to ask to according with henceforth outside, china will continue to advance the construction of international talent market, sound market trades regular, build the credit system of international talent market, strengthen the legal system that introduces work of abroad and intellectual person with ability to build, for abroad person Cailaihua creates good job, living conditions.

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