Celebrate net of 931 obtain employment ardently to debut

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Celebrate net of 931 obtain employment ardently to debut!

Net of 931 obtain employment (Http://job.335.cn) by council of city of Lanzhou of the Youth League and Zhejiang branch of IT of network of industrial limited company builds electropositive strength jointly enlightened, it is to be broad youth to offer course of study of choose of to apply for a job, growing become a useful person, do poineering work the large talent website that become rich. Basically offer development of young power natural resources, profession introduction, service to send, entrust a representative labor safeguard general affairs, post grooms and evaluation of development, quality, information seeks advice, the professional service such as output of the service outside the condition.

Net of 931 obtain employment with city this class is a center, to whole town radiate of each county town, villages and towns, expand to circumjacent city and whole nation, with various group appoint form perfect website sth resembling a net, make sure channel of complete in both respects of invite applications for a job, to apply for a job is expedite, rely on center of obtain employment of youth of Yu Li water to realize a net to go up, double passageway talent communicates below the net. Net of 931 obtain employment is with the service oriented, just groom in order to perfect talent information, talent communication, person, the function such as talent evaluation is a target, the network advantage that produces the Youth League adequately, talent advantage, activity advantage, consecutive advantage, from young talent evaluate obtain employment guidance, obtain employment to groom, to all sorts of services after obtain employment, annulus annulus photograph is buckled, the young talent that is all sorts of administrative levels provides all-around humanitarian consideration and perfect service.

Website function is powerful, module is all ready, can be unit of choose and employ persons, apply for a talent to provide each quick and convenient service. The website basically included system of intelligence of 5 big core:
◆ individual information registers, management center: You need to be consumed here one minute only (register) , the issue that remain gives entirely we, all information that you need offer in a steady stream you ceaselessly, even if is you are in go vacationing and travel.
Information of unit of ◆ choose and employ persons registers, administrative system: It is the good helper of branch of human affairs of unit of choose and employ persons, it is the assistant of human affairs manager with the cheapest unit of choose and employ persons. All talent demand of unit of choose and employ persons will get here package solve; Need you to consume a minute only, the issue that remain gives entirely us, our intelligent system will filter according to your volition completely, the high grade talent that recommends your place need.
◆ school information registers, administrative system: It is education unit recommends him, strive for order for goods of more extensive collaboration and the best assistant that recommend student obtain employment, need you to be here only in a way stays, you will achieve goal of 100% graduate obtain employment easily; This is you and we are brought feel proud glorious achievement.   
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