IT, steam is repaired, nurse 3 fields qualified personnel is in short supply

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The statistical data that waits for platform of invite applications for a job of much home network according to net of invite applications for a job of market of Zhejiang province talent and net of China person of outstanding ability, 5i.job makes clear, market of whole first quarter invite applications for a job appeared 2004 more apparent professional heat, many industries are more be by analytic personage assess in the near future " duty field ox " .

Demand of computer person with ability year add 1 million

Predict to 2005 the dimensions of software industry will achieve 250 billion yuan. Expand ceaselessly as dimensions of industry of our country software, contradiction of sex of software talent structure appears outstanding increasingly.

At the beginning of April, ministry of Education says about the report of in short supply talent, to 2005, software of our country need is advanced 60 thousand person of talent, 280 thousand person of intermediate software talent, 460 thousand person of primary software talent, wait for an industry plus enterprise, community, mechanism, school, the pace is calculated first, countrywide computer applies the demand of professional to will increase left and right sides of 1 million people every year.

Personnel of vehicle maintenance and repair the demand inside two years 800 thousand

Vehicle maintenance and repair from quality of technology of staff of course of study not tall, had become the bottleneck that restricts development of estate of vehicle maintenance and repair. Current, amount of our country car increases by degrees every year with the speed of 13% , accordingly, course of study of predicting vehicle maintenance and repair will need two years 800 thousand from personnel of course of study, need to accept normal professional education from personnel of course of study for the most part.

Nurse future needs 10 years to increase 1 million

The Chinese Ministry of Public Health that has experienced heavy crisis test said recently, to 2015, the cure of our country protects scale to should achieve 1 ∶ 1, undertake plan and be forecastinged according to this scale, to 2015, the cure of our country protects personnel to will reach 2.323 million person, 1000 cure of philtrum protect personnel to be 1.5 people, this means nurse amount to add 1.036 million person again on the foundation of the 1.287 million person 2001, average and annual add 115 thousand person. Considering population service of aged, community expands wait for brought manpower demand to increase, the paramedic that our country needs actually wants than what forecast much.

Blue collar ash gets numerical control talent to need

Ministry of Education says about the report of in short supply talent, partial business is already wholesale the operation that introduced high post graduate to be engaged in numerical control machine tool, can foreknow, the enterprise has very big demand to the numerical control skilled worker of blue collar, and the knowledge to them and capacity demand will be higher and higher; Ash is gotten is to show the technologist that assumes numerical control process designing on manufacturing post and numerical control machine tool are safeguarded, maintenance technician, this kind of personnel is occupied in post of technology of company numerical control 25% , among them, technologist of technology of numerical control process designing is occupied 12.6% , numerical control machine tool safeguards maintenance technician to occupy 12.4% , ash gets demand of numerical control talent to increase apparently.
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