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About holding Zhejiang saved the announcement that first trainee invite applicat

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Each are enterprise or business unit:

To be better enterprise or business the opportunity that two-way knowledge creates between unit and undergraduate, the society before stimulative undergraduate obtain employment takes exercise, zhejiang university obtain employment coachs the service center decides in May the middle ten days of a month is held Zhejiang saved first trainees invite applications for a job to meet 2004, specific concerned arrangements informs as follows:

Time: On May 22, 2004 (Saturday) in the morning 8: 30, afternoon 4: 00

Place: Dining room of teaching and administrative staff of campus of Zhejiang university Xi Xi, the 2nd dining room

Charge: Every stall hands in stall to expend 100 yuan (basically use at field hire, conduct propaganda) , 22 days of Chinese meal by sponsor an unit to be offerred freely, other charge provides for oneself.

It is please to the unit of purpose before May 15 with sponsor an unit to contact, and on May 21 afternoon 1: 00, in the evening 6: 00 carry help wanted card oneself (dimension: 120cm of 90cm wide × is tall) to building of Zhejiang university Xi Xi's expert (phone: 0571-88079996) report for duty cloth is exhibited.

Zhejiang saves talent market phone signing up: 0571, 88397121, 88387524 (fax)
Phone of service center of guidance of Zhejiang university obtain employment signing up: 0571 - 87951536 87523515, fax: 0571 - 87951361

Service center of guidance of Zhejiang university obtain employment
Obtain employment of Zhejiang college student and profession develop association
Two years on April 28

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