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Full-time salary coachs price is announced this year

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Calculate the yearly salary that calculates you to be in which archives

After the price of guidance of hour worker pay that 54 position announced before long before afterwards, shanghai labor and social security bureau released price of guidance of salary of 1084 full-time position again recently, the person that offer to apply for a job consults with the unit that use worker worker.

1084 position that announce salary guidance price this are basic include the common management on the market, professional technology, production serves post, its data is all sorts of more than 4000 when town work and social security bureau pass industry of pair of manufacturing industry, bldg. , real estate, banking to wait for 15 industries economy type enterprise, the wage income 2003 has 95 thousand workers reach after investigation. Detailed circumstance can land the price case of every position website undertakes inquiring.

This second salary coachs price has such a few characteristics:

Social status of senior skilled worker overtakes common administrator

This second investigation shows, element has " contemporary Lu Ban " the social status of senior skilled worker that say has exceeded a share common administrator. Median is in year of salary that if skill level achieves labour of the jockey of numerical control machine tool of senior technician level, vehicle maintenance and repair, car to install,moves labour, mould worker worker 36 thousand yuan, 74 thousand yuan, exalted number achieves 75 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan. The income of type of work of a few current technologies is not low also, if skill level reachs year of pay of labour of the lathe work of senior technician level, benchwork, electrical engineering, electric welder, boring, grinding work, milling,median is in 36 thousand yuan, 57 thousand yuan, exalted number is in 65 thousand yuan, 89 thousand yuan. And the general administrator in the enterprise, be like archives management, yearly salary perch is counted only 62 thousand yuan.

Salary of the person that skill, record of formal schooling, experience pays equal attention to is high

Have strong academic base to have the talented person of experience of rich actual combat again already, it is the cosset of the enterprise all along. Data shows, the age is in 30 - 35 years old of personnel wage income that reach 50 years old of above should compare other age paragraph personnel is expensive, administrative levels of this record of formal schooling with main higher profit from and skill level, have certain working experience. In them, own title of intermediate above major or skill social estate have 30 % , record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning achieves 50 % . The personnel income of 50 years old of above tall, because have rich working experience and stronger professional capacity,be, and administrative levels of record of formal schooling is higher also. Visible, the individual technical ability of employee, knowledge and working experience, have bigger effect to salary.
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