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To apply for a job time and again by refus after all He Yuan because?

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At present, be the busy season of talent demand, of all kinds invite applications for a job is met items is various. Say normally, right now of to apply for a job hit the target leading is very tall. But many people complain to me, invite applications for a job can drive another, resume pitching goes, in the end or bamboo basket hit water, also do not clear problem to go out after all where. Xu Dajie talks about his view according to the experience of routine here, consult for everybody:

The first: Affecting people to apply for a job not to become the factor with the biggest result is personnel demand and supply contradiction of lopsided structure sex causes. The need that basis of unit of choose and employ persons works, want to seek very right person. However, current and the difference of the talent pattern that of all kinds school develops character and market demand cannot be made up for temporarily. Accordingly, the requirement that whether the skill that learns to learn professional, place control fits unit of choose and employ persons is the first.

The 2nd: Experience is to apply for a job person by the 2nd big factor of close the door on, although some servantchooses a person for a job,the unit did not offer experience clearly as the condition. However, the personnel that there is richer working experience in process of real invite applications for a job is the first selection of unit of choose and employ persons.

The 3rd: The age regards choose and employ persons as the unit whether the staff guage of employ already had for a long time, although go up two this years to become loose somewhat in this problem,relax, but still units of many choose and employ persons label this postulate and requirement.

The 4th: Sexual distinction also is the argument that the unit that be used rejects. Generally speaking, divide meal recreation, sale, money outside industry of meeting, banking, unit of most choose and employ persons is it seems that to the female " regard sb with special respect or new views " .

The 5th: Also unit of choose and employ persons pays attention to appearance and sexual distinction quite. Special expression is in a few industries, wait like meal, recreation, sale.

The 6th: It is very important also that on-the-job field behaves personnel of to apply for a job mediumly to connect the way one speaks or what he says that ordinary people say to behave namely, an artistic appreciation that the movement can reflect a person mixes a word integrated quality, should be sure to keep in mind occasionally a casual expression can lose chance of an obtain employment. (be over)

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