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Master yearly salary exceeds a doctor first

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Domestic firewood affection enters decelerate period

A few days ago, net of China person of outstanding ability released requite of the 8th period firewood to accuse. This with data of each industry salary was second half of the year 2003 the report that investigates an object shows --

Compensation all is worth drop 14.7%
In light of whole, informant yearly salary all is worth it is 35568 yuan, among them outback yearly salary all is worth 35333 yuan, drop compared to the same period 14.7% , good-paying person yearly salary drops extent than low income person more apparent.

Affection of communication industry firewood is best
Between all trades that are investigated, the pay level of communication industry still male crouch each industry a list of names posted up head, yearly salary all is worth achieved 49002 yuan, tower above industry of equipment of the 2nd medical treatment is intimate 10% . In addition, the expression such as project of biology of / of financial industry, fast consumable, home appliance, pharmacy also grabs an eye quite. Compare to it, the computer and Internet trade performance are mediocre, yearly salary all is worth dropped respectively compared to the same period 7000 yuan mix 5000 yuan.

Still belong to high pay city Shanghai, Beijing, greatly
Each yearly salary of big city is in home the fall after a rise that second half of the year had different rate 2003, whole looks bead trigonometry area not enemy Beijing and posture of long three-cornered development. Among them, shanghai, Beijing, deep 3 big cities are located in high pay city, and Guangzhou average yearly salary drops first defeat 40000 yuan to close greatly.

Foreign language, MBA still is high pay pass
Be in this period in investigation, foreign language ability is achieved " skilled " average pay level amounts to participator 51270 yuan, exceed foreign language capacity " medium " person near 14000 yuan. Experience " cold wave " MBA yearly salary all is worth still reside head of a list of names posted up high, than Master and doctoral tower above 15% above, and the Master's yearly salary also surmounts a doctor in the round first.

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