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Title: Ability and special skill:
Oneself are good at communicating, have very good harmonious capacity, to own job can with one one's heart endeavors, be judged to be first-class staff and advanced individual for many times during the job. □ works experience Ceng Gong makes an unit: IT computer company Pursue a trade: IT and Internet (computer soft hardware, communication) Unit property: Joint stock company Company dimensions: 50 people come 100 people From job time paragraph: Came in May 2002 in June 2006 Post one: Other Post 2: Cost administrator Particular function: Electronic business affairs reachs cashier and cost accountant Promotive circumstance: Be judged to be first-class staff for many times Working fixed number of year: 6 Other job experiences: 2006-2008 year the enterprise engineers a company The office holds finance affairs concurrently Intent of □ to apply for a job Working type: Full-time Workplace: Gansu Province Lanzhou Working station one: Financial / audit / statistic / finance kind finance affairs / accountant assistantWorking station 2: Finance affairs / audit / statistic / finance kind accountantWorking station 3: The computer / Internet / communication kind other
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