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Basic message

Full name: Peng Yin makes the same score sexual distinction: Female
The birth date: On November 19, 1987 nation: Chinese
Marital status: Maiden politics appearance: The Youth League member
Weight: 50kg height: 162cm
Door Jie: Sichuan visits Jian Yang town now seat: Sichuan Chengdu
Certificate type: Number of certificate of student's identification card: 200612011357

□ teachs background

Record of formal schooling: School of graduate of three-year institution of higher learning: Institute of technology of Sichuan project profession
Read time: Graduated in September 2006 time: In January 2009
The department fastens: Computer science fastens major: Software technology (visible)
Other learns experience: Came in September 1994 June 2000 Berlin center elementary school
Came in September 2000 June 2003 Berlin junior high school
Came in September 2003 Gu Jiazhong learned in June 2006
Language one: Chinese is perfectness language 2: English 4 class
Computer technical ability: Title of Microsoft attestation engineer: Design of software design, website construction, webpage, sale
Ability and special skill:
Professional knowledge trains related the computer that I had gotten a system, social exercitation and pluralistic experience had played during school; Have very strong psychokinesis and hard-working quality, be in charge of seriously to the job, active enterprising, dare to face difficulty and challenge.

□ job is experienced

Ceng Gong makes an unit: Company of food of path of Chengdu big bridge pursues a trade: Wholesale and retail
Unit property: Dimensions of private enterprise company: 500 people above
From job time paragraph: Came in July 2007 in August 2007 post one: Part-time job
Post 2: Particular function: The student holds two or more posts concurrently
Promotive circumstance: Without working fixed number of year: 0
Other job experiences: Without

Intent of □ to apply for a job

Working type: Full-time workplace: Gansu Province Lanzhou
Working station one: The computer / Internet / communication kind the website edits
Working station 2: The market / public relations / advertisement kind the market / sale director
Working station 3: Officeholder kind officeholder
Pay: 1000-2000
Other requirement: Need offers board and lodging.
Book of offer one's services:
Respectable leader:
Hello! Thank you to be in above all the resume that leafs through me in the midst of pressing affairs. Will be graduated from science of computer of institute of technology of Sichuan project profession in December at 8 years is software technology major, cherish a sincerity, eager, young heart to your volunteer one's services!
During school, on the thought draw close actively to party organization, economize on the life, theory and real phase union are paid attention to on study.
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