Zhang Jianying

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Basic message

Full name: Zhang Jianying sexual distinction: Female
The birth date: On September 1, 1984 nation: Chinese
Marital status: Maiden politics appearance: The Youth League member
Weight: 50 height: 160
Door Jie: Lanzhou now seat: Gansu Province Lanzhou
Certificate type: Id certificate number: 62010319840901152x

□ teachs background

Record of formal schooling: School of graduate of three-year institution of higher learning: Gansu Province builds professional technology institute
Read time: Graduated in September 2004 time: In June 2007
The department fastens: Civil engineering fastens major: Construction project
Other learns experience:
Language one: English adroitness language 2:
Computer technical ability: The college is not computer major 2 class title: The computer 2 class VF
Ability and special skill:
CAD plot division
Report calculates an accountant
The computer 2 class VF
Be familiar with software of office of Word, Excel and application

□ job is experienced

Ceng Gong makes an unit: Branch of palace of Yong He of setting of Chinese restful insurance company pursues a trade: Insurance
Unit property: Dimensions of company of joint stock company: 500 people above
From job time paragraph: Came in June 2007 in January 2008 post one: Manager assistant
Post 2: Particular function: Client relation is safeguarded reach business to seek advice
Promotive circumstance: Working fixed number of year: Half
Other job experiences: 2008.1—— today land add add has done a lot of works, exemple: Bazaar guides buy, language of house property company member, recruit students delegate. . . . . .
The 2nd building of town of Lanzhou of 2006.9——2006.11 the Gansu Province company business jackarooes
Lanzhou of time of college after school is good feed service of part-time job of much snack inn to be born

Intent of □ to apply for a job

Working type: Full-time workplace: Gansu Province Lanzhou
Working station one: Administration / human affairs / logistics kind administrative assistant director / secretary
Working station 2: Administration / human affairs / logistics kind human affairs commissioner
Working station 3: Administration / human affairs / logistics kind administrative assistant
Pay: The face is discussed
Other requirement:
Book of offer one's services:
Oneself are hopeful and active, optimistic and lively, the volition is sturdy, sincerity is enthusiastic, serious and responsible, be brave in to challenge, never admit defeat, study gets used to ability strong, have good communication and group efforts consciousness.

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