Diversiform-leaved poplar

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Basic message

Full name: Diversiform-leaved poplar sexual distinction: Male
The birth date: On Feburary 12, 1984 nation: The Han nationality
Marital status: Maiden politics appearance: Masses
Weight: 60 height: 173
Door Jie: Gansu Province celebrates this world now seat: Gansu Province Lanzhou
Certificate type: Id certificate number: 622801198402122013

□ teachs background

Record of formal schooling: School of undergraduate course graduate: Institute of Gansu Province politics and law
Read time: Graduated in July 2003 time: In July 2007
The department fastens: Public security branch department is professional: Criminal scouts / crime is psychological
Other learns experience:
Language one: Chinese is good language 2: Without
Computer technical ability: General title:
Ability and special skill:

□ job is experienced

Ceng Gong makes an unit: The Gansu Province celebrates group of pointsman of public security bureau of Xi Feng district of in relief city to pursue a trade: Blame gain orgnaization / government
Unit property: Dimensions of executive authority company: 50 people come 100 people
From job time paragraph: Came in August 2007 in September 2008 post one: Driver
Post 2: Particular function: The driver holds highway policeman concurrently
Promotive circumstance: Working fixed number of year: 1
Other job experiences:

Intent of □ to apply for a job

Working type: Full-time workplace: Gansu Province Lanzhou
Working station one: Other kind other
Working station 2:
Working station 3:
Pay: 1000-2000
Other requirement:
Book of offer one's services:
Oneself and the criminal scout that portion graduation and Gansu Province politics and law learned branch department of courtyard public security in July 2007 are, have this stronger turn over reconnoiter ability, perfectness to legal knowledge, can drive show hold B2 drive this, meeting computer, ever did a year in labour of door of the Ministry of Public Security. To apply for a job: Can become personal assistant, manager assistant, advanced guard personnel. Can contact with my QQ: 123154641 (telephone number stays above fear to be annoyed, forgive please. )

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