Xiao Bo

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Basic message

Full name: Be like rich sexual distinction: Male
The birth date: On March 1, 1983 nation: Chinese
Marital status: Maiden politics appearance: Masses
Weight: Height:
Door Jie: Gansu Province now seat: Gansu Province Lanzhou
Certificate type: Id certificate number: 620104198303010859

□ teachs background

Record of formal schooling: School of graduate of three-year institution of higher learning: Institute of Xi'an external affairs
Read time: Graduated in July 2003 time: In September 2006
The department fastens: News major: News major
Other learns experience:
Language one: English is good language 2:
Computer technical ability: Title:
Ability and special skill:

□ job is experienced

Ceng Gong makes an unit: Sea Er company (Shanghai branch) pursue a trade: IT and Internet (computer soft hardware, communication)
Unit property: Dimensions of state-owned company company: 500 people above
From job time paragraph: Came in October 2006 in May 2008 post one: Sell a director
Post 2: Particular function: Public relations / the market is popularized / can exhibit
Promotive circumstance: Working fixed number of year: 2
Other job experiences: 2005/05- - 2006/04: Xi'an luck abundant is industrial limited company (during school exercitation)
What belong to an industry: Office things reachs device
Sale ministry sells a delegate
1. is in charge of development work of the client, and follow-up intent client finishs the last job that sign sheet.
2. understands the demand of new client to uphold the new requirement that the collaboration of old client concerns and develops old client again at the same time at the same time.
3. is during the exercitation, because outstanding achievement is outstanding, the accord that gets boss and work in the same placing is approbated with reputably.
Working outstanding achievement: 1. Can press the simple sale task that overfulfils a company to give on time.
The long collaboration that old client defends while 2. can develop new client concerns and can undertake developing the new requirement of old client again.

Intent of □ to apply for a job

Working type: Full-time workplace: Gansu Province Lanzhou
Working station one: Sell kind of sale director
Working station 2:
Working station 3:
Pay: The face is discussed
Other requirement:
Book of offer one's services:

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